UNIEP General Assembly

The last UNIEP General Assembly has been held on the 17th of March 2017. UNIEP Board Members, Member associations and other stakeholders have gathered in Vienna, Austria.

The General Assembly has been followed by a Convention titled "Triggering Effective Partnerships in the Painting Sector" where remarkable speakers have been involved. For instance, Mr. Reinhard Keinz, Department for Crafts and SMEs - WKÖ, Mr. Josef Hackl from Synthesa (Caparol) or Mr. Gerhard Grüll, Wood Research, Austrian Standards Institute (ASI).

High-level panels of discussion have been arranged to allow participants to input and debate on possible partnerships among painting contractors, on future projects and on the state of play of European states in the painting market.

This event has denoted a momentum for both UNIEP and the painting sector at EU level since new members have accessed the association – a French national association and an Italian regional association –, paving the way towards new partnerships and new involvement of painting bodies and national institutes in the network of UNIEP.

The main topics presented in the General Assembly and tackled during the following Convention regarded the lack of qualified young painters entering the profession, the lack of quality in education and training, and the slow incorporation of products, technology and methods into the market. 

However, best practices have been pointed out too, for the European Champion of the Euroskills 2016 announcement is a young Austrian lady that has already won several painting and coating competitions at national level.

The meeting has remarkably stressed on the need to invest in the young generation and to support apprentices’ mobility and exchange of good practices, so as to enhance a better trained and experience painting contractors class to revitalise the sector and boost the painting market.

If you wish to have a look at the pictures taken during the GA & Convention, please click here.
All the speeches and PowerPoint presentations are stored in the Library, whereas the GA Agenda is here.

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