Seminar "Building an innovative and sustainable future for the painting sector"

Start date: 16/09/2016
End date: 16/09/2016
Location: Brussels

This conference has been organized by the International Association of Painting Contractors (UNIEP) with the support of PSN. It took place in the framework of the launch of the association's strategy for the next five years, that is to tackle three key challenges:

  • the lack of young people entering the profession
  • the lack of quality in education and training creating a gap with market needs
  • the lack of knowledge of market innovation by the painters and training institutions.

Relevant speakers from the business and stakeholders' environment gathered to identify and solve common challenges.
This seminar has been a great opportunity for stakeholders in the painting sector to inform EC representatives about challenges faced by the painting sector and to engage in a closer cooperation to tackle common issues of the sector.

If you want to have more information on the topics discussed during the seminar, download our Annual Report 2016-2017.
If you rather want to consult the speeches and PowerPoint presentations of speakers, click here.

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