CFA-Saint-Herblain (Pays de la Loire)

UNIEP has collaborated with a French institute of the REFORME network, CFA-Saint-Herblain (Pays de la Loire) on finding a partner that hosts 8 apprentices (coming from the 4th year of painting schools) and 2 trainers in March 2017.

The subject of the mobility project is "flooring placement" and "thermal isolation".
The activities are scheduled to last for 2 or 3 weeks and are structured in two parts: 3-4 days in the Training institute and 2 weeks in a Company.

UNIEP members have been invited to seize this opportunity and have been asked to indicate a Training Centre available for the purposes of the mobility project; in exchange, CFA-Saint-Herblain will host apprentices in a future project framework.
Finally, an Irish school linked to UNIEP has positively answered to the mobility initiative.

Dieppe Training Centre (High Normandy)

In the framework of the Construction Mobility initiative, a biennial project aimed to promote European mobility and financed by the European Commission, the DIEPPE Training Centre (High Normandy) is looking for a hosting partner for a section of the Professional Painting Certificate (around 12 people).

The project is basically a training course that provides its participants with a « Professional Certificate with European Component ». During the first year of course, students are foreseen to engage in a two-three weeks mobility and, once at the second year, they will have the chance for another experience abroad.

For any possible doubts or question, it is possible to contact Ms. Einat Favray Klinger, contact person for BTP CFA High Normandy and, moreover, manager of this project.