European Young Painters Camp

Anfangsdatum: 08.10.2019
Enddatum: 11.10.2019
Lage: Wieselburg (AT)

With the support of Sto Foundation and Landesinnung Niederösterreich, a "European Young Painters Camp" will be held in Wieselburg (AT) on 8th-11th October 2019.

This Camp takes place in view of promoting the image of the profession and the qualification of our trade in order to attract more young and qualified people in the Painting / Decorating sector. It ill give the opportunity to bring together young painters from all over Europe for a 2-day workshop.

A maximum of 12 teams composed by 2 young painters (max 22 years old) and a supervisor will be accepted to participate. The travel expenses will be covered by the organisation for a maximum of € 600,00 per team. Meals and accommodation will be at the charge of the organization.

Find enclosed the invitation and draft Programme of the Camp in English and German.


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